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RiSE Lantern Festival Debuts in the Mojave
This fall, thousands of lights will glow in Nevada’s Mojave Desert—and we’re not talking about the neon signs on the Strip. On October 18, the RiSE Lanter... Read More
NextGreatTrip Offers VIP Experience for Cycling Enthusiasts
Want to get in on the action of a high-speed bike race without doing all that leg work? NextGreatTrip, a Denver-based premium vacation service, is partner... Read More
“Dronies” Take Flight on New Zealand Slopes
Sick of the selfie? Tourism New Zealand’s new take on the trend may peak your interest. Enter the “dronie,” a video taken by a high-flying, remote control... Read More
Surf’s Up in Munich Airport
We already know that Munich International Airport is one of the best for a long layover—and now it's even better, thanks to “Surf & Style,” an indoor wa... Read More
Beauty Road Test: Kiehls' Travel-Tested Solutions Set
Every traveler wants to step off a plane looking fresh, but let's face it: even an hour in the air can leave skin dehydrated, oily, and lackluster. I know... Read More
“Desert Runners” Captures Treks Through the World’s Most Extreme Climates
Chile’s Atacama, China’s Gobi, Egypt’s Sahara, and Antarctica are widely considered the driest places on Earth—and they're all captured in Desert Runners,... Read More
British Airways Tests ‘Happiness Blanket’ to Measure In-Flight Relaxation
British Airways knows the importance of a “good flight’s sleep,” which is why they began testing its ‘Happiness Blanket’ on passengers last week. Voluntee... Read More
Cirque du Soleil to Launch New Show in Mexico's Riviera Maya
Canada-based Cirque du Soleil is setting up shop in the Riviera Maya, in a 600-seat, custom-built theater that takes cues from the Yucatan's lush jungle l... Read More