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Sniffing Out Alba's Truffle Festival
A video posted by Erica Firpo (@moscerina) onOct 10, 2014 at 2:46pm PDT Even more precious than the Tuber Magnatum is the dog on the scent of a... Read More
Stop Motion Postcards Capture Cities With Whimsy
Colorado-based animator Rachel Ryle just got back from a month-long trip around Europe and put pen to paper in a series of vignette postcards with old wor... Read More
Check it Out: Google Street Art Gallery
Google Cultural Institute has added a street art travel treasure hunt to its online gallery of cultural projects that already includes art museums, world ... Read More
Mediterranean Lighthouses To Get a Makeover
Over the next 18 months, lighthouses around the Mediterranean are going to get a makeover. The multi-country Mediterranean Lighthouse Project, known as ME... Read More
Street Artist Axel Void Paints Murals in Palermo, Italy
With a street name that rings like a comic book anti-hero, and a polynym straight out of a fairy tale, it’s no wonder that Axel Void(Alejandro Hugo Dorda ... Read More
55th Venice Biennale: The Encyclopedic Palace
Part wunderkammer, part memory palace, this year’s 55th Venice Biennale is an introspective investigation into contemporary art.  Through November 24, the... Read More