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More Hotels That Lean?! Bella Sky Comwell Opens in Copenhagen
You can build a neighborhood from scratch, but that alone can't give it heart. Luckily for Copenhagen, a flashy tilting hotel is transforming a day-stroll d... Read More
Hotels That Lean?! Capital Gate Looms Over Abu Dhabi
We live in a daredevil age of architecture. Out of the fog of dreams rise colossal structures that twist, outsize, and undulate to the extreme. Among thes... Read More
A Jazzlover's Guide to Summer
In the sunny homestretch of summer, I like to stay fine and mellow with jazz. And there's so many great performances to gorge on this season. With the hel... Read More
New Tourist Slogans Twist Arms
Cheesy travel slogans are a dime a dozen. There's something decidedly square in the art of selling destinations, and rightly so. Not only must you lure ne... Read More
When Words Get In The Way…Of a Google Search
Ever wished you could hold up a photo to a search engine and say, “Hey computer! Find me this, and make it snappy!”? With Google Search (free; iPhone, iPod,... Read More
For Travelers: Google's eBookshop
Imagine if your everyday hardcover book came with rules about where you could read it. Sounds crazy, but in the digital world we hardly bat an eye about s... Read More
Lonely Planet Consoles Stranded Travelers with Free Apps
No matter how miserable your shoveling chores were this morning, I bet you wouldn't trade places with a stranded traveler in a snowstorm. Flight delays ty... Read More
E-reader Showdown: Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad
Smart travel is all about consolidation. One of the best ways book-lugging adventurers can streamline is to invest in an e-reader that can store thousands... Read More