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American and JetBlue Join Forces
American Airlines and JetBlue announced a new partnership today that will improve the flying experience for passengers of both airlines traveling into or ou... Read More
Dr. Ruth Launches "Date Nights D.C."
Washington, D.C. is getting a different kind of stimulus package this month—one spearheaded by the newly-appointed Secretary of Love and Relationships, D... Read More
The Best Fried Chicken Ever?!
They must put crack in the fried chicken at Gus's in Memphis. My sister has lived there for years and has always gone on and on about this place. Whenever I... Read More
London's Next Great Neighborhood?
Think you know London? Think again. Most locals would struggle to place the under-the-radar Fitzrovia district on a map. Follow wri... Read More
Shhhhh! Silence is Golden in the Quiet Car
I have a bee in my bonnet lately about something: When did everyone lose their manners? In the span of ten years, everyone—from the undergrad to the blue-ha... Read More
It's About Time—Ban on HIV-positive Travelers Lifted
Today is World’s AIDS Day—a perfect time to celebrate the fact that the United States soon joins most of the world in allowing those with HIV/AIDS to trav... Read More
"Secure Flight" Program Poses Problems for Name-Challenged
Like many Americans, I have three names. Stuart Clark Mitchell. I like all of them, but they’ve led to confusion my entire life. First of all, they could al... Read More
Gay Ski Weeks Inspire Pride On the Slopes
If you happen to be in Aspen, Whistler, or Mammoth Lakes this winter, you may notice some well-dressed skiers around. For a week during the season in each ... Read More
London Abuzz Over Frieze Art Fair
Next week, from October 15-18, London will be flooded with art lovers coming to town for the 7th annual Frieze Art Fair. A staggering 1,000+ contemporary ... Read More
Look Ma, No Wheels!: Tips for World Carfree Day
Tomorrow, September 22—besides being the first day of fall—also marks the 10th annual World Carfree Day! It’s not that we’re anti-driving (far from it), b... Read More
Just Back From: Mount Desert Island, Maine
You’d have to be dead inside not to love Maine, with its breathtaking landscapes, fresh sea air, and honest food. While I was there last week, I ate my weig... Read More
Sweet! Lesbians Offset Carbon Footprint of New Cruise
This one's for the ladies only, guys. Sweet, recently launched by gay travel guru Shannon Wentworth, is a new tour operator for lesbians who care about th... Read More
My Blue Cocktail Confession
OK, it’s embarrassing to admit it, but I love a blue cocktail. I love the way it looks with a straw and little umbrella stuck in it. Maybe a maraschino ch... Read More
Reasons to Visit Hamburg Right Now
When you think of Germany, maybe it's the new Berlin—with its cosmopolitan flair and growing arts scene—that comes to mind? (If it's Lederhosen and dirndls,... Read More
How to Do St. Bart's Affordably
  On a recent trip to St. Bart's, I spotted the owner of the Revlon empire, Ron Perelman, on his yacht in Gustavia Harbor, a Rockefeller or two shop... Read More