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Paddington Trail Arrives in London
Ever since the impeccably mannered Paddington left the deepest darkest Peru for London in 1958, his adventures have captured the imaginations of kids everyw... Read More
Family Friday: Best Hotel Kids Clubs
Every parent knows the beauty of the hotel Kids Club: free time for you and endless entertainment for your little ones. Now resorts everywhere are playing... Read More
Top Family Travel Tips from the Experts
  I'm just back from a trip to Italy and like every long adventure with toddlers, it was a schizophrenic mix of life-could-never-be-better moments a... Read More
The Plaza Hotel Introduces "Plaza-opoly"
New York's legendary Plaza Hotel has always inspired grand story-telling. There was the little girl named Eloise who lived on the "tippy-top floor" of the... Read More
Hotel Offers Farm-to-Table Baby Food Menus
If you bring your family to a top luxury resort, it's only natural to expect the finest culinary offerings. But while you feast on organic grass-fed filet... Read More
Uber Introduces Cars for Families
You've read the headlines: Uber is being valued at $18 billion. And as a mom of two toddlers living in New York, I think that sounds about right. Why, you... Read More
Club Med Introduced City Stopovers
The next time I want a stress-free family vacation, I'm going all inclusive. We all know the perks—kids clubs, babysitters, easy access to restaurants, po... Read More
A Little Paris in NYC: "Madeline" Exhibit Opens Summer 2014 at New York Historical Society
"In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines ..." I've never forgotten my introduction to Madeli... Read More
Little Passports Inspires Newbie World Travelers
A new kids program,, promises to turn your toddlers into international pen pals. Here's how it works: your kids get real, actual, non-v... Read More
Legoland Discovery Center Set to Open in Boston This May
Lego mania cannot be stopped. In addition to being painfully underfoot in playrooms everywhere, there's a Lego movie in theaters, high-art Lego sculptures... Read More
Smithsonian Sleepovers Turn the National Museum into an Overnight Adventure
In terms of film quality, Night at the Museum ranks right up there with Gigli and Glitter. Still, after finally acquiescing to the demands of two kids in ... Read More
Sleek YoYo Stroller is Perfect For Family Air Travel
This week I'm loving the new YoYo stroller by BABYZEN. If you're a frequent flier and usually have the kids in tow, it's the ideal companion: sleek, easil... Read More
Affordable Family Ski Packages to Book This Season
It's that time of year again when I spend hours online looking for an affordable place to bring the kids skiing. Trust me, it's not easy. And I've been te... Read More
Explore the Rainforest at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale
I'm on a business trip in Scottsdale, Arizona and promised my twins I'd stop by the city's new Butterfly Wonderland complex. At 10,000 square feet, it's t... Read More
Family-Friendly Getaway Ideas in Punta Cana
I'm just back from a much-needed weekend getaway with the family. Our destination: Cap Cana, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Total travel time: 7 ho... Read More
Disney Magic Cruise Relaunches With Super Heroes On-Board
I’m not an experienced cruiser, but when I heard there was a ship that has Iron Man’s armor, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield, I knew my kids w... Read More
Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Getaways
Among the many words used to describe the holidays, for me, "exhausting" somehow supercedes all that giving and thanks business. As much as I enjoy the tr... Read More
ZÜCA's New Kid-Friendly Carry-On Lets Tykes Take a Seat
I've always struggled to find a great carry-on—sturdy but not too heavy, functional but not ugly. But finding one to fit my kids' ever-expanding pile of p... Read More
JetBlue's Family Pooling Program Lets You Combine Airline Miles
Every year, I make it a point to ditch the loves of my life—and husband—to escape for a long-weekend with my college friends. Last year, it was Tulum. “Ho... Read More
Guthrie Theater Announces New Playcare Program for Kids
I think the last time I went to the theater was in 2010. (Slightly embarrassing given I live in New York City.) But every parent knows how it goes; someho... Read More