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Trend Watch: Mobile Stores Hit U.S. Streets
Move along, food trucks: mobile boutiques are hitting the streets. Styleliner (pictured)—an old potato-chip delivery truck—peddles Spanish crystal-and-mes... Read More
Ferran Adria: Cuisine Can’t Travel, So People Must
Yesterday morning, at I had the pleasure of meeting Spain’s most celebrated chef, Ferran Adrià. Since I’ll probably never get the chance to eat at El Bulli—... Read More
Get Amped for the World Cup With Local Music
South Africa is on the radar these days as the countdown to the World Cup begins. Curious about the country but don't have the time or money to fly half w... Read More
Spirit Air Announces "No Recline" Seats
I just flew in from Ft. Lauderdale to New York, and, boy, am I tired! No, seriously though, I am. Because Spirit Airways has decided to change out their o... Read More
Is the Best Restaurant in the World Closing?
Yes, it’s true. For those of you who haven’t heard, El Bulli—chef and molecular gastronomist Ferran Adria’s inimitable restaurant on Spain’s Costa Brava, ... Read More
Argentina's "Abuelas" Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Argentina’s Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, the civil rights group that fights to track down and identify children who were “disappeared” during the country’... Read More
Viva Cartagena! Openings Bring New Life to the Old City
Tough times for tourism? Not in Cartagena de Indias. I recently returned from a long weekend in Colombia (currently a "recession-proof country," according... Read More
Report Indicates Less Lost Luggage
Here’s some good news about airlines (after my colleague Mark Orwoll’s posts on charging for bathroom access and for carry-ons, we could really use it): acc... Read More
David Copperfield’s Penthouse of Wonders
There are countless things I never thought I’d do: solve a thorny calculus equation; pacify an enraged mama polar bear with my calming gaze; stroll the 57th... Read More
In South Beach, Burger King Goes Glam
Well, maybe not glam, but Burger King’s new "Whopper Bar" in South Beach, Miami—an industrial-chic, “boutique” rendition of the distinctly unglamorous ora... Read More
Italy Lovers Say 'Ciao' to the Bronx
After much prodding by a Bronx-born friend, this past weekend I finally checked out the borough’s Belmont section—a.k.a. Arthur Avenue, named for its main... Read More
With a Flashy New Airport and Hot Hotels, Uruguay’s Star is Rising
Most people probably couldn’t locate it on a map, but the tiny, verdant, indomitably friendly Oriental Republic of Uruguay is one of the world’s underrated ... Read More
Why Go Now: Buenos Aires Celebrates 200 Years
2010 is shaping up to be a great year for Americans to travel to the Argentine capital, which celebrates its bicentennial next year with a wave of new hot... Read More
High-Speed Rail To Connect Europe and Russia? Could America Be Next?
In the past decade, ambitious high-speed rail projects have condensed Europe, reducing travel times–often by more than half–on principal routes like Madri... Read More
NEWS: T+L Store Opens at JFK Airport
Eager fliers got their first glimpse of the new Travel + Leisure retail store in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 2 today, snatc... Read More
Chocolate Here, Chocolate There, Chocolate Chocolate Everywhere!
I received an email invitation to this event a few days ago, got exceedingly excited, and will literally remain excited until the big day: the Chocolate S... Read More
Mexico’s Best Beer Crosses the Border For Real
If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico, you know that—contrary to popular belief—the cerveza más fina south of the border is not Corona, that ubiquitous and ad... Read More
New Google App Tackles Travel…Sort-Of
It only launched in testing stages on June 25th, but Google’s new “City Tours” application—in which your Google Map offers multi-day itineraries in destinat... Read More
Eclectic Shopping and Urban Renewal in Budapest
When I went to Budapest last week—that unduly beautiful capital on the Danube—I  spent an afternoon checking-out some boutiques recommended in a June 7 Ne... Read More
You’ve done the Wine Route, Now Try the Brew Ridge Trail
Charlottesville, Virginia is known for Jeffersonian architecture, an eclectic dining scene, and—especially in recent years—the burgeoning wineries in it l... Read More