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London's Iconic Buses are Back!
BBC Travel  |  London's iconic double-decker buses have gotten an update that looks uncannily like the past. Seven buses with an open hop-on hop-off plat... Read More
Heathrow’s Personal Transit Pods
Passport Blog - BBC Travel |  This week, Heathrow Airport introduced a new form of transport that will look familiar to fans of mid-century science fictio... Read More
The Futurist: Hong Kong's Teaching Hotel
BBC Travel's Passport Blog |  A new hotel opening in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui East neighborhood on 21 September is really one with a difference. The Hot... Read More
Extra! Extra! Newspaper Delivery Fading in Hotels
Passport Blog - BBC Travel |  The morning newspaper placed outside of your hotel room door may become an anachronism. And that may not be such a bad thing.A... Read More
Radiation-Free Full-Body Scanners
BBC Travel's Passport Blog |  As controversy simmers surrounding the levels of radiation used in full body scanners, a small company based in the United Kin... Read More
In-flight Wi-fi Slow to Expand Outside the US
BBC Travel's Passport Blog |  While in-flight wi-fi is fairly common on domestic US carriers, its availability on flights elsewhere in the world has been gr... Read More
Travelers Vulnerable to Hacking of Information
Passport Blog, BBC Travel |  Frequent travellers rely on mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices to stay in touch and take care of business on ... Read More
The Futurist: China Leads High-Speed Rail Plans
BBC Travel - Passport Blog |  With the 30 June opening of the high-speed rail between Beijing and Shanghai, China became a leader in new rail developments.D... Read More
Following the Royals Through North America
BBC Travel - Passport Blog |  At the end of this month, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will embark on their first royal tour of North America.The 11-day ... Read More
A Royal Honeymoon in the Seychelles
BBC Travel |  After months of secrecy, the news of where Prince William and Kate would spend their honeymoon finally leaked this week. Sources say the royal... Read More
Will the French Veil Ban Hurt Tourism?
BBC News - Passport Blog |   Starting 11 April, it will be illegal in France for any woman, citizen or tourist, to wear a full-faced veil.That means no niqa... Read More
US and Other Countries Easing Japan Travel Restrictions News |  While the situation in northern Japan is still facing numerous challenges, life in the rest of Japan is returning to normal faster than most... Read More
London's Infectious Case of Olympic Fever
BBC Travel |  There is still more than a year to go before the Olympic Games light up London’s sky, but already, enthusiastic crowds can be found peering in... Read More