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East Coast Snow Impacts Travel Nationwide
Here's hoping you got home before Sunday night, when the season's first blizzard blanketed the northeast under several feet of snow. AOL Travel has several ... Read More
Pilot Posts Video Exposing Gaps in Airport Security
If you've ever wondered about the ground crew responsible for handling your baggage, refueling your plane, heck, even loading your meals onto the plane — yo... Read More
Locked and Loaded, the TSA Is Ready to Serve You This Weekend
Don't let the chaos in Europe get you down—it's god, not man, getting in the way of smooth travel. Stateside, the Transportation Security Administration is ... Read More
Oops: TSA Screeners Missed Loaded Gun (but Probably Found Those Nailclippers)
If this story is any indication, the TSA's airport screeners should spend less time looking out for attractive women and more time watching the x-ray screen... Read More
'Stomach-Churning' Sanitary Conditions at Top Australian Hotels
A secret forensic survey revealed some five-star hotels in Melbourne, Australia have a serious hygiene problem. Armed with swab tests and a black light, ... Read More
Rogue Wave: 1; Cruise Ship: 0
Some environmentalists say we shouldn't allow too many tourists to visit Antarctica, for fear of disrupting the ecosystem. Seems that God may agree: He sent... Read More
Are Red Sea Shark Attacks on the Rise?
Mentioning Jaws is de rigueur whenever a shark attack draws headlines. For this weekend's fatal incident in Egypt, however, the reference actually makes sen... Read More
Amtrak says, Guns Allowed on Board
Thanks to efforts by gun advocacy organizations, Amtrak passengers will now be allowed to bring their firearms on board. There are some restrictions. AOL Tr... Read More
Celebrity Cruises Reacts Swiftly After Armed Attack in St. Kitts
Fresh from the Carnival Splendor mess, the cruise industry is facing yet another public relations problem after armed robbers accosted a busload of Celebr... Read More