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Shaun Kelly's Guide to Shopping a Market à la Francaise
Harboring the fantasy that you can traipse through a Parisian marché like Amélie? Not so fast—there’s a decorum that isn’t obvious to newcomers. Here, tip... Read More
Next Great Neighborhod in Paris: Sentier District
Once a no-man’s-land overrun by wholesalers, the Sentier district, in the northern part of the Second Arrondissement, has become the city’s neighborhood d... Read More
Le Fooding Releases an English App
Given the rate of their output, if Le Fooding, the indispensable French restaurant guide, has been taking long French-style vacations, well, they’re obvio... Read More
Sunday Night Movies Go Luxe at Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris
Eyebrows were raised in October, when Luc Besson’s luxe First movie theater opened in the new Aeroville mall near Charles de Gaulle airport north of Paris... Read More
Female Chefs Take Over Paris Pop-Up Dinner During Le Clan des Madones
Consider it a happy accident of timing that a mere week after Time magazine’s men-only Gods of Food issue came out and offended everyone that had a clue, ... Read More
Karl Lagerfeld's New Travel Projects
Among fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s new side projects? A Monte Carlo pool with serious style cred. T+L reports. “Work is making a living out of being... Read More
Paris's Mama Shelter Hotel Opens New Location in Lyon
It’s hard to believe that just a year and a half ago, Mama Shelter was a lone boutique hotel in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, serving up Philippe Star... Read More
Paris's New Craft Beer Scene
The Parisian beer scene is coming to a head. “France now has more microbreweries than Belgium,” says Simon Thillou, co-owner of La Fine Mousse (6 Ave. Jea... Read More
Hidden Shopping Treasures in Barcelona
“There’s a lot of style in Barcelona,” says Niki Robertson, one half of Antiques and Boutiques, a personal shopping and tour company staffed by two longti... Read More
Top French Toques Collaborate at Les Crayeres
Of the stately chateaux-hotel-restaurants in France—venerable provincial destinations where one gambols among historic gardens and tucks in for a serious ... Read More
Paris’s New Literary-Themed Hotel
Voltaire once wrote, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Paris’s new Pavillon des Lettres takes this... Read More