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The Coolest Hotel in Every State
This post comes from our editorial partners at Thrillist. Unless your name happens to be Arthur Fonzarelli (in which case, that's crazy!), it’s hard to def... Read More
10 Ways to Never Pay for Travel Again
Traveling for free doesn't have to involve couch surfing, dumpster diving, or stowing away in the wheel well of a 747. It doesn't even have to involve cre... Read More
The 10 Best Canal Cities in the World (Not Named Venice)
Pretty much every city with a drainage canal these days likes to call itself something along the lines of, “The Venice of Saskatchewan”. But it takes more... Read More
30 Things You Didn't Know About Oktoberfest
Because almost everything you know about Oktoberfest you learned from the Wolfhouse brothers, here are 30 fun facts from a real-life German about the worl... Read More
The World's Coolest Wrecks
As morbid as a plane crash or sunken ship might be, there's something alluring about abandoned wrecks. Eerie, full of history, and possibly haunted, they ... Read More
The World's Most Epic Outdoor Cinemas
Dinner and a movie is pretty much the lamest date idea ever. Dinner and a movie while soaking in a hot tub or sitting in a castle? Better! Because nothing'... Read More
Say Hello to the Bio-Dome Airport
First impressions of a new country are inevitably colored by the airport you arrive in -- landing in JFK feels hugely different from, say, Denver Internat... Read More
This is What a $50 Million Ferrari Train Looks Like
There are sexy houseboats, palatial RVs, and luxe, moveable cabins – but a mansion on rails? Well, that's a thing now in Japan. Always on the cutting edge ... Read More
8 Souvenirs that Could Land You in Jail
  It's one thing to bring back souvenirs so terrible that they land you on your friend's blacklist, and quite another to tote home tchotchkes from overseas... Read More
10 Unbelievable Tours You Can Take Using Google Street View
You need a vacation, but all you can afford is an Internet connection. And you don't live in Buffalo, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh, three of America's top stay... Read More
The Coolest Bus Stops in the World
Waiting for the bus sucks. You're subject to inclement weather. The shelters are like magnets for garbage and bodily waste. And your payoff is... ridin... Read More
World's Coolest Beach Bars
Sorry, mountains. Nice try, lakes. When it comes to the greatest summer vacation destination, nothing beats the beach. Think about it: sun, sand, surf, half... Read More
Sleep Above the Lions in These Luxe African Treehouses
It goes without saying that, even as an adult, there are few places to spend the night as cool as way up in a tree. How else do you explain the popularity... Read More
8 Record-Breaking Roller Coasters From Around the World
It's a measurable fact, some roller coasters are better than others; whether it's super speeds, staggering heights, or a seemingly endless track, each of ... Read More
12 Things You Didn't Know About Hawaii
Everybody knows that "aloha" means both hello and goodbye, and that the Hawaiian pizza wasn't actually invented there (Ontario, duh), but did you know tha... Read More
The World's 6 Most Insane Ziplines
Combining speed, height, and a totally flimsy harness that in no way looks like it can hold you up, ziplining is sheer excitement meets pure terror – an e... Read More
Soak up the "Sun" on the World's Biggest Indoor Beach
Outside of Miami and L.A., there are few places in the world where fake is better than real. Germany's Tropical Islands Resort, the planets's largest indo... Read More
8 Hotels Where You're the Only Guest
Because the easiest way to score VIP treatment at a hotel is to either be rich or the ONLY guest, here are eight exclusive accommodations around the world... Read More
16 Things You Didn't Know About the Autobahn
Germany is known for three things: good beer, fast cars, and a mythical place that's dark as night, straight as an arrow, where speed records and personal... Read More
10 Amazing Aerial Photos That Blow Away Your Out-the-Plane-Window Instagrams
Most of us struggle to take a decent photo from the right angle (and have to cloak our misgivings in Instagram filters), but that's not a problem for awar... Read More