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5 Reasons to Visit Palermo, Sicily
Sicily’s allure is undeniable, but its capital is less universally loved. T+L reveals five compelling reasons to make it a destination. Because wine tas... Read More
T+L Twitter Chat on Summer Travel on Wednesday, August 7
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Trip Doctor: 3 Simple Steps for Packing Shoes
There is a definite method to packing shoes for a trip. Here are 3.  1. If you are not using a shoe bag then keep the soles towards heaven or facing aw... Read More
The Doctor Recommends: Must-Reads for the Week Ending August 2, 2013
According to Yahoo!, Borders bookstores, which went bankrupt in the U.S. in 2011, are now re-opening in Singapore. [Maria Pedone] Two world records were ... Read More
Family Friday: Italy Offers Free Museum Entry for Kids
Having just got back from a family trip to Tuscany, Italy, I am deliriously in love with all things Italian–the food, the coffee, and most of all, the ach... Read More
Guess Where? Cliff
Do you know where this is? Head over to our Facebook page and leave your guesses there. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Matthews is an assis... Read More
New Cruise Safety Disclosures
Starting today, Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Lines—which represent nearly 90 percent of the cruise business in North Amer... Read More
Los Cabos Cuisine, Nouveau and Not
I’ll admit it: For years, Mexican food has seemed synonymous to me with street food. Although I mean that in the best possible way; there’s no place I’d r... Read More
Trip Doctor: Norovirus on a Plane—What You Need to Know
This morning’s news of a possible norovirus outbreak on a Qantas flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia, has us all on edge. Known for wreaking ... Read More
Trip Doctor: TSA’s Not-So-Great Report Card
Here’s some news that will make you squirm in your airplane seat: complaints filed against airport security workers have increased by 26 percent over the ... Read More
Tech Thursday: Hipmunk Gets a Last-Minute Upgrade
We’ve long loved Hipmunk for its brilliant intelligent search capabilities, which help you find the least agonizing flights or the hotels that are best su... Read More
T+L Twitter Chat Recap: “Secret Europe” as Only the Experts Know It
  Our most recent T+L Twitter Chat covered the best “secret” spots to visit in Europe, when you’re looking to skip the tourist attractions and head ... Read More
El Celler de Can Roca’s New Gelato Shop
The food world is buzzing about brothers Joan, Jordi, and Josep Roca, whose restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, in the Catalonian river town of Girona, was ... Read More
Pet Travel Wednesdays: Road Trips
Look over on the highway to find a dog with his tongue hanging out of the window, ears flopping through the wind, and it’s hard to fight a smile. There’s ... Read More
Trip Doctor: Is Train Travel in Europe Safe?
Recent news from the railroads of Europe has not been good: On July 12, an intercity train derailed at a station outside of Paris, resulting in 6 casualti... Read More
Q + A with Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos
Ahead of Glasgow-based band Franz Ferdinand’s new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, front man Alex Kapranos shows T+L there’s more to tour... Read More
Vail International Dance Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary
This week marks the 25th Anniversary of the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado, renowned as a showcase for diversity: from ballet masterpiece... Read More
Top 5 Mistakes That Led to French Riviera Hotel Jewel Heist
By now you've heard about the theft of $153 million in jewels on Sunday from an exhibition at the Carlton InterContinental Hotel in Cannes, on the Frenc... Read More
Beauty Road Test: ILIA Lip Gloss
Are the latest beauty and wellness products worthy of a spot in your teensy carry-on? T+L Associate Editor Kathryn O’Shea-Evans shares her take. The prod... Read More
Trip Doctor: I Accidentally Damaged My Hotel Room!
  Do... Assess the mess. One that only requires cleanup costs less than one that calls for replacing broken furniture and fixtures. Fess up. T... Read More