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Win Wild South Africa Sweepstakes
Is an African safari on your travel bucket list? This is your chance to explore the bush—for free. Friendly Planet Travel is partnering with South Africa... Read More
A Very Ohio Island Getaway
Here’s a fun exercise: Tell people you’re taking an island vacation…to Ohio. Then see how quickly they start measuring you for a straightjacket. It turns... Read More
Cruise the Amazon with Your Family on an Aqua Expeditions
Ever since my kids watched a TV show about Piranhas, they've been obsessed with the Amazon. “It's the biggest river in the world, full of scary fishes!” S... Read More
Guess Where? Sunrise
Can you guess where this picture was taken? Head over to our Facebook page and leave your guesses there. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Mat... Read More
#LandsEndLaughs in Los Cabos, Mexico
What could be better than having a few laughs on a beach in Mexico? How about if it were a free trip? To celebrate the first annual Cabo Comedy Festival ... Read More
Tech Thursday: Foursquare’s New Menu Search
In an ever-increased push to highlight the app’s exploration features, Foursquare has rolled out a new “menu search” feature that lets users find the best... Read More
Former TWA Terminal at JFK to Become Hotel
After much back and forth, the New York Port Authority has chosen famed hotelier André Balazs to transform the former TWA terminal at JFK Airport into a h... Read More
Pittsburgh Restaurant Serves Cuisine from Countries in Conflict with the U.S.
It all started—as many ideas do—with an off-the-cuff conversation. While brainstorming concepts for a possible restaurant project in Pittsburgh, artists J... Read More
Pet Travel Wednesdays: Brews & Bones
As pet parents, playing is what we do best—fetch in the park, local hikes, beachside runs. But after all that adventure, us humans could use a break—and n... Read More
Airport-Goers Play Travel Roulette at JFK
When Greg Vosits arrived to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport on July, 9th, he was headed to Vienna en route to the medieval city Györ, Hungary, his ho... Read More
T+L Twitter Chat Recap: "Life-Changing Trips" from Industry Experts
 Our most recent T+L Twitter Chat on life-changing trips covered what it means to take a trip that is truly transformative—one that is imbued with the abi... Read More
Joint Venture: Jamaican Farms Entice Visitors with Special “Ganja Tours"
Wine lovers have Napa Valley. Beer snobs have Oregon. And now, potheads may have their own vacation paradise: wandering the lush grounds that perhaps insp... Read More
T+L Trips with Sponsor Cox & Kings: Uruguay; Jordan
Welcome to the fourth installment of T+L's promotional partnership with luxury adventure operator Cox & Kings, where booking a trip to a destination f... Read More
Video: How to Eat a Lobster with Seafood Expert, Luke Holden
Last week, a six-clawed lobster was found off of Midcoast Maine, and just a week earlier a two-toned lobster was pulled from similar waters. But most lobs... Read More
Book Gives Nostalgic Nod to Airline Travel
White-gloved stewardesses, lobster dinners served on bone china, on-board cocktail lounges—there’s a lot to miss about the golden days of air travel. (In-... Read More
Family Friday: Etihad Airlines Offers In-Flight Nanny
Can you imagine having a real live Mary Poppins on your next flight? Someone to entertain your kids (origami anyone?), serve them meals, and help you fill... Read More
100 Ways to Travel Better: 3 Tips from a "Lazy Traveler"
Looking for the best travel tips? Travel + Leisure has teamed up with CNN to bring you 100 Ways to Travel Better, the definitive resource for top travel a... Read More
Cruise News: Emerald Waterways Launch
Another reason to get excited for 2014: Emerald Waterways, the first new river cruise company to enter European rivers in six years, is launching. Details... Read More
The Doctor Recommends: Must-Reads for the Week Ending September 6, 2013
Thanks to the growing air travel demand in China, Boeing expects to see 5,580 new commercial aircrafts during the next 20 years, via Circa. (Adrien Glover... Read More
Guess Where? Skyway
Can you guess where this picture was taken? Head over to our Facebook page and leave your guesses there. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Mat... Read More