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Guess Where? Glacier
Can you guess where this glacier is? Leave your guesses on our Facebook page. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Matthews is an assistant digit... Read More
First Kit Kat Specialty Store Opens in Japan
The first time I went to Tokyo, one of my favorite parts of the city was discovering the delightfully strange Kit Kat flavors sold there (Gouda Kit Kat, a... Read More
London Celebrities Sing City’s Praises in New Travel Videos
Some P.R. gigs are pretty cushy—like getting publicity for London. I mean, all you have to do is write a sentence using the words pub, West End, Tate Mode... Read More
Standard Hotel Releases Hilarious Calendar Based on Guest Comments
Ask a hotel staff member—whether concierge, bellboy, or desk manager—to reveal the dirt about their jobs, and guest (mis)behavior comes into play more oft... Read More
Text Your Hotel's Front Desk With Zingle Concierge Service
Calling the front desk may be an act of ancient history, now that hotels are offering concierge texting services. Loews and Four Seasons are some of the ... Read More
Japanese-Inspired Bistros Spring Up in Paris
  Japanese stagiares (i.e., trainees) have long been an essential part of Paris’s top-tier, Michelin starred kitchen brigades, but lately scores of them ha... Read More
Staying in Touch on Business Trips
Staying in touch with your loved ones while on a business trip can be tough. You want to maximize your limited time away, so you get up early, schedule m... Read More
Norman Foster Proposes Massive Elevated Bike Network in London
Check out this futuristic eye candy. Design firm Foster + Partners has proposed a 137-mile network of elevated bicycle lanes over commuter rail lines in L... Read More
Airbnb Offers One Night Discount Deal for First Time Bookers
Beginning today until January 17, first-time Airbnb users will receive up to $300 off one night’s stay at any location across the globe. If you’re like me... Read More
How Many Economy Seats Are in a Business Class Seat?
  Here's a head scratcher: What do you get when you take away one business class seat? Three economy seats, of course! The math comes from an ann... Read More
State Department Issues Travel Alert for Russia Olympics
The U.S. Department of State issued a travel alert today for Americans planning to attend next month's Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Six potential risks spu... Read More
Bangkok Braces for Massive Protests
Bangkok is bracing for a massive round of protests on Monday, and the government has deployed nearly 15,000 police officers to maintain order. As we expl... Read More
Affordable Family Ski Packages to Book This Season
It's that time of year again when I spend hours online looking for an affordable place to bring the kids skiing. Trust me, it's not easy. And I've been te... Read More
Travel Trends We're Rooting For in 2014
From the best destinations to visit to emerging technology and gadgets, we asked a panel of experts for their tips and tricks in our recent Twitter chat o... Read More
New Eye Tracking Technology May Soon Replace Border Patrol in Airports
Biometrics have been hot at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, with everything from brain wave monitoring headbands that train you to de-stress to mob... Read More
American Airlines Launches Roomy New Airbus
The battle for transcontinental business travelers got a lot more heated this week with the launch of American Airlines's new A321 jet on flights between ... Read More
Guess Where? Silhouette
Can you guess what this silhouetted structure is? Leave your guesses on our Facebook page. Check back on Monday for the answer. Lyndsey Matthews is an as... Read More
Tech Travel Trends You'll See in 2014: Remote Viewing
Tech experts are swarming Las Vegas this week for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, and T+L is on the ground to bring you the latest travel trends of ... Read More
How to Find Affordable Ski Lodging
Ski resorts are full of vacation properties, many of which are available for rent at cut-rate prices. Another bonus: having a built-in kitchen helps save ... Read More
Rare Viral Disease Outbreak Spreads in the Caribbean
This week, the Center for Disease Control reissued its Travel Watch to St. Martin, urging US citizens to take precautions against mosquitos in the Caribbean... Read More