World's Best Hotels for Celeb-Spotting

World's Best Hotels for Celeb-Spotting

Ten places where dreams of catching a glimpse of your favorite star can come true.

See our slideshow of the World’s Best Hotels for Celeb-Spotting.

Try as she might to hide behind her signature oversize sunglasses, globe-trotter and fashion fanatic Victoria “Posh” Beckham is often spotted leaving extravagantly high-end shops or checking into lavish hotels, like the Hotel Hassler in Rome.

It’s no surprise that celebrities seek out the same exclusive hotel experiences as the T+L reader, but chances of actually seeing such a star in real life can be slim, unless, of course, you move in the same circles as Brangelina, orbit the same haunts as Julia, and live the good life too. It’s with that in mind that we bring you a list of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best hotels where star sightings are practically guaranteed.

Whether it’s a secluded wilderness retreat away from the paparazzi-infested metropolitan areas or an exclusive beach resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, these diverse properties, voted as best of the best by our readers, prove to be great for yet another reason: celebrity-spotting. So where can you go?

From the One&Only Palmilla in Mexico, where hot couple du jour, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, have enjoyed a beachfront getaway, to the riverfront Huka Lodge, Kate Winslet’s preferred hideaway on New Zealand’s North Island, to the Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows, where Jennifer Aniston holds court, these luxurious hotels offer an escape from the stressors in life, especially if you live in Celebrityville.

But once checked in, an inevitable dilemma arises: what do you do if you find yourself face-to-face—or perhaps even poolside—with your favorite Oscar-nominated actress?Given advance notice, you could make certain preparations—throw on some Whitestrips, don your best outfit, and prepare your rehearsed-but-seemingly-not “You were fantastic in…” speech—and escape with minimal emotional distress. While stargazing can be a thrilling experience, chances are the celebrities you may spot are vying for a quiet getaway, making it a good idea to avoid reacting as though Mr. Clooney himself just got down on one knee and proposed to you.

Instead, why not play it cool and fancy yourself an equal?Remember, you are staying at—or visiting—the same hotel, likely riding the same elevator, and indulging in the same good eats. Celebs’ infinite notoriety aside, you’re on a level playing field once you walk through the hotel door.

Of course, we’ll forgive you if you discreetly snap a picture on your phone.

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