The World's Wildest Theme Restaurants
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The World's Wildest Theme Restaurants

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Ninja servers. Neon-lit robots. Toilet bowls for seats. At these 11 trippy restaurants across the globe, anything goes. And we mean anything.

Opaque, San Francisco

Ever had a burning desire to eat in complete darkness? Opaque is a “dining in the dark” dinner party inspired by similar concepts in Europe. In addition to launching in Dallas and New York, the reimagined San Francisco location opens this month. The avant-garde sensory experiment comes with a three-course meal — legally blind servers navigate the pitch-black subterranean space doling out comfort food dishes, while diners chat without the ability to see even their own hand wagging in front of their face. The allure? A meditative meal. Just ask for extra napkins.

wild dining
Subsix at NIYAMA by Per AQUUM

Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives

Sitting 20 feet below the Indian Ocean off Dhaalu Atoll, the newly renovated Subsix — previously a nightclub — hosts champagne breakfasts in eyeshot of hawksbill turtles and moray eels. Guests hop the resort’s private speedboat to reach Niyama Island, where a staircase descends into an underground marine world with anemone-esque chairs, a seashell ceiling, and coral-inspired chandeliers. Go with the seafood, naturally.

wild dining

Ninja, New York

Ever dream of stuffing your face while a gang of ninjas perform magic tricks in a faux Japanese mountain village? If so, this underground Tokyo spinoff is your jam. The labyrinth space packs guests into alcoves guarded by lattice doors, where ancient warriors serve flambé tableside steaks and omelets dosed in truffle oil.

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