Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway? A long weekend break provides enough delicious time to feel the distance from home and job but still be viable with just an overnight bag.

March 23, 2012

Got a few days off? You can still make the weekend break count. Whether you’re in the mood for exploring or relaxing, our easy short trip ideas will set your getaway plans percolating.

Great American Drives

Whether you’re looking for mud baths or dirt trails, rare antiques or just a really good meal, Travel + Leisure has mapped out easy drives that are sure to steer your getaway car in the right direction.

The Joys of a Three-Day Weekend

Even when unfettered by the standard 48-hour limit, reluctant weekend traveler Ben Neihart could never really appreciate the joys of leaving town. But he learned—and no, he won’t be seeing you Monday.

3 Northeastern Weekend Getaways

Great short trips to revive you: The seaside charms of southern Maine; antiquing in the Hudson River Valley; and Virginia’s emerging wine country.

3 Southwestern Weekend Getaways

Need a weekend retreat? Try the harsh-but-lively southern Arizona desert; the frontier in Nevada and Utah; the sprawling, craggy desert of mid–New Mexico.

3 West Coast Weekend Getaways

Vacation ideas for westward (mind) expansion: The mod desert oasis of Palm Springs; the lush wine country roads of California’s Anderson Valley; and the coastal charms of the Puget Sound.

Best Spring-Break Getaways

Great getaway ideas, from Hawaii and Palm Springs to Costa Rica and Greece.

Cooperstown: A Father’s Day Weekend Itinerary

Just a 4.5-hour drive north of NYC, Cooperstown feels like a giant step back in time. Wide front porches, manicured green lawns, and the Baseball Hall of Fame can stretch a weekend trip into something truly memorable.

Easy Fall Weekend Getaways

From a classic mountain retreat in the Adirondacks to an emerging wine region in the Pacific Northwest, these laid-back escapes promise relaxation and the pleasures of fall.

School Vacation Planner

There’s a reason it’s called fall. With the start of the academic year, we tumble into the old routine of overscheduling, overwork, and exhaustion. But wait. Hidden in your child’s backpack is your key to survival: the school calendar, which lists an average of 30 days off. To help you plan, we’ve gathered nine months’ worth of ideal ways to play a little school-sanctioned hooky—no permission slip required.

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