Watch: Take a Sandwich Tour of the World Without Leaving Your Kitchen
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Watch: Take a Sandwich Tour of the World Without Leaving Your Kitchen

13 Sandwiches from all over the World: Australian
Food, People, Places via YouTube

Food, People, Places—a Youtube video series based on exactly what you'd expect—has shared a bit of culinary know-how for sandwich lovers. If you thought your Fraken-wich was a sight to be seen, wait until you see 13 popular sandwiches from around the world the group pulled together. The video walks you through South Africa's Gatsby Sandwich (an open-face beast topped with french fries and ketchup), Germany's cherry-garnished Toast Hawai, and the deliciously cheesy Croque Monsieur. There are a few familiar faces, too (American PB&J, Great Britain's cucumber sandwich), for the less adventurous. Here's a breakdown of the chosen (in order of appearance), for your Googling pleasure.

• Australia: The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli

• South Africa: The Gatsby Sandwich

• Great Britain: The Cucumber Sandwich

• North America: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

• Denmark: The Danish Smorrebrod

• Italy: The Italian Panini

• France: The French Croque Monsieur

• Turkey or Germany: The Döner Kebap

• Vietnam: The Banh Mi Sandwich

• America: The Sloppy Joe

• South America: The Choripan

• Poland: The Zapiekanka

• Germany: The Toast Hawaii

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