Travel Watch | April 2006
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Travel Watch | April 2006

(Caffeine) high in the air, maladies by zone, and choppers over NYC

Battle of the Beans

The competition between Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks for coffee supremacy has reached new
heights—literally. In February, JetBlue introduced Dunkin' Donuts blends on all routes.
Starbucks, meanwhile, is served on United Airlines and Horizon Air.

Sick Time

A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has mapped out—by destination—the
illnesses travelers are most likely to come down with. The results show that the risk of malaria
is dramatically higher in Africa, while respiratory diseases affect travelers to Southeast
Asia most frequently. The study is being used to help detect emerging infections around the

Sky Cab

Because sometimes a taxi just isn't fast enough, this spring New York City's U.S. Helicopter
is launching hourly shuttle service from midtown and downtown Manhattan to American Airlines'
terminals at LaGuardia and JFK airports (; one-way fare $159). The flights will
take only about eight minutes; passengers on American can even check baggage and get boarding
passes at the heliport.

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