T+L Reports: Vodka Straight Up
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T+L Reports: Vodka Straight Up

T+L Reports: Vodka Straight Up

When he's not busy crafting slinky dresses for the runway, Roberto Cavalli is consumed by his other passion; vodka. The designer recently launched his own namesake brand (sold through Southern Wine & Spirits; www.southernwine.com; $60). The light, floral liquid is made with water from the Piedmont mountains and grain from the Po River Valley and is filtered through layers of crushed Italian marble. Here, he shares his favorite vodka bars.

"I never pass up the exquisite selection of Caspian caviar at Grand Hotel Europe [Nevsky Prospekt; 7-812/329-6000]."

"I adore Vodka Bar [13 Old Bailey St.; 852/2525-1513], which serves more than 100 kinds of vodka."

"Wódka [12 St. Albans Grove; 44-207/937-6513] infuses wonderful vanilla and ginger-root varieties."

"Yar [22 Via Mercalli; 39-02/5830-9603] is a little slice of Russia in Italy."


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