T+L Reports: A Shopping Mall with Seoul
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T+L Reports: A Shopping Mall with Seoul

While the rest of Asia is slowly being rebuilt with modern,
temperature-controlled malls, Seoul's ultrachic Ssamziegil
shopping center thoughtfully merges old with new. Korean
architectural firm Ga.A has paired with Baltimore- based
Kroiz Architecture to create a cultural center that evokes
a bamboo forest, with wooden louvers, a cobblestoned
courtyard, and rich colors inspired by local herbs and
fruits. The five-story space in Insa-Dong, the traditional
neighborhood for artisans, houses mostly artist-owned shops
where the focus is on craftsmanship—such as Jang
Yong-Hoon's Paper Room and master glassblower Park
Sung-Won's Biul. Ssamziegil, 38 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu;

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