T+L Reports: The Talk of Cape Town
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T+L Reports: The Talk of Cape Town

Newlands, an up-and-coming suburb of Cape Town, is now home to a cluster of irresistible new boutiques. The latest addresses:
1. PA KUA STUDIO (55 Main St.; 27-21/671-1553), a showcase of local furniture designers.
2. FRANÇOIS + LILLE (Shop 4, Kildare Centre, Main St.; 27-21/683-8674), whose clothes in modern natural fabrics are a boon to travelers.
3. BUGAN (Shop 7, Kildare Centre, Main St.; 27-21/674-2357), which carries sensual fabrics and textured ceramics.
4. SAIL WEAR (Shop 3, Kildare Centre, Main St.; 27-21/683-8531), stocked with pastel cotton and linen knits.
5. ROSENWERTH (Kildare Centre, Main St.; 27-21/674-2910), the source for glam party dresses.
6. MELISSA'S (Shop 3, Cardiff Castle, Main St.; 27-21/683-6949), for the best espresso in town.

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