Tech Guide 2005
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Tech Guide 2005

Buying a laptop or cell phone is about finding the most innovative product that suits your style. Whether you're a technophile, an adventurer, an executive, or a fashionista, we've rounded up the best new travel gadgets to match your wandering ways.

The Technophile Sony Ericsson Walkman W800 This MP3-playing cell phone comes with up to 512 MB of memory (about 150 songs) and, unlike
your iPod, has an FM radio and a two-megapixel digital video camera. 866/766-9374;;
. Toshiba U100 libretto Some ultraportable laptops are so small
they're impossible to use—this two-pound mini breaks the mold with its seven-inch monitor,
3/4 -size keyboard, and 60 GB hard drive. 800/457-7777;; $2,000.
Archos AV 700 Record up to 400 hours of video from TV or DVD on this 1.3-pound
media center—available in 40 or 100 GB versions—and then watch them on the seven-inch
screen. 949/609-1483;; from $600 for 40 GB, $800 for 100 GB. Kodak
Kodak's latest digicam is a four-megapixel with a three-inch rotating
LCD screen and enough memory for 1,500 photos, as well as the first Wi-Fi card in a camera,
allowing you to e-mail snaps from the road—without a computer. 800/235-6325;;

The Adventurer Olympus Stylus 800 Olympus's
eight-megapixel camera has everything you'll need to capture nature in any weather—manual
exposure, customizable aperture settings, and a 2.5-inch sun-friendly LCD. Plus, lightweight
exterior metal and rubber gaskets in its interior keep rain, sleet, and snow from ruining
your digital images. 888/553-4448;; $450. Iridium 9505A Satellite
This unusually slim and rugged satellite phone with illuminated display gives
you more than three hours of talk time (plus 65 hours on standby). It works with your SIM
card wherever you are on the planet—it's the only one that gets a signal above latitude
70 degrees north—and is data-capable with an optional adapter so you can get your e-mail
even in the highest Himalayas. 866/947-4348;; about $1,000. Tao
XM2go Portable Satellite Radio
Listen to your satellite radio anywhere you go on
the curvy, sturdy Tao. It comes with a built-in FM transmitter for your car and saves up to
five hours of programs on its hard drive—in case you lose your feed in the redwoods.
800/967-2346;; $300. Garmin Forerunner 301 A wristwatch-style
fitness assistant with GPS, this device tells you how far and fast you've jogged, gives you
directions back to your lodge, monitors your heart rate, counts calories burned, and connects
to your PC via USB to create a customized fitness program. 800/800-1020;;

The Business Traveler Logitech V400 Laser Mouse Logitech's wireless mouse is the first on the market with dual laser tracking—making
it work on any surface—and features a pop-up USB micro-receiver to plug into your laptop,
taking stow-and-go to a whole new level. 800/231-7717;; $50. Lenovo
ThinkPad X41 Tablet
At just 3.5 pounds, Lenovo's 12-inch convertible tablet laptop
with full-sized keyboard (rare in tablet PC's), rotating touch screen, biometric fingerprint
reader, and six-hour battery works as well in roomy airport lounges as it does in cramped
economy cabins. 866/968-4465;; $1,900. Samsung d307 The latest GSM smart phone from Samsung—a retro-styled flip top with Bluetooth and a
QWERTY thumb board—excels in instant messaging. 800/726-7864;;
. Kingston Data Traveler II Plus Migo This key fobÐsized thumb drive
not only stores up to 2 GB of your files, it also lets you customize and password-protect
any computer you connect it to. Just plug the drive into your home computer's USB port to
make a working copy of your desktop. 877/546-4786;; from $33 for 256
MB, $162 for 2 GB.

The Jet-setter Fujifilm FinePix Z1 Available
in brushed black or silver, this 5.1-megapixel digicam packs a 2.5-inch LCD, 3X optical zoom,
superfast start-up speed (just over half a second), and snappy shutter lag (one-hundredth
of a second) into an Ÿber-sleek package smaller than a deck of cards. 800/927-3854;;
Creative Labs Zen Micro Photo This mini MP3 player comes in 10
fashion-forward colors (blood-orange red, deep purple) and has 8 GB of memory, a removable
15-hour rechargeable battery, an FM radio recorder to snag songs off the airwaves, and a radiant
color screen so you can see images you've transferred via USB clearly from any angle—even
in the dark. 800/998-1000;; $250. Philips PET1000 Philips's 2.5-pound, one-inch-thick, portable DVD player comes with built-in Dolby Digital
sound, electronic skip protection, a 10-inch display that shows films the way they look on
the big screen, and a video-output jack that lets you connect to plasma TV's. 800/531-0039;; $400
. Nokia 8801 Not only is Nokia's GSM phone striking
(that glimmering stainless-steel key cover glides up with only a slight nudge of your thumb),
it also plays exclusive ring tones by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and includes an FM radio,
a digital video camera, and the ability to stream MP3's in stereo over a Bluetooth connection.
888/256-2098;; $700.

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