T+L Reports: Chocolate Shops

T+L Reports: Chocolate Shops

Old-fashioned chocolates may lack the shock of the new—wasabi-flavored truffles, say—but the wholesome sweetness of classics from homegrown candy kitchens are making a comeback.

Pennsylvania General Store (12th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia; 215/592-9772)
Special Treat Dark-chocolate almond bark; Van Winkle's Opera Fudge. secret weapon Location—Michael Holahan's shop in the Reading Terminal Market brings more than a dozen of the area's best chocolatiers to the masses.

Chocolate Tree (507 Carteret St., Beaufort, S.C.; 843/524-7980)
Special Treat Dark chocolate–pecan tiger paws. secret weapon The Green family's annual open house, in August. Customers line up for their chance at a $10, two-hour, all-you-can-eat shift.

Morkes Chocolates (1890 N. Rand Rd., Palatine, Ill.; 847/359-3454)
Special Treat Milk-chocolate mint melt-aways. secret weapon Caramel apples—Morkes hand-dips more than 250,000 Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Michigan Jonathans each fall.

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