This Is The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel
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This Is The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

Christian Kerber

Holiday travel can be stressful for a number of reasons, but buying a plane ticket shouldn't be one of them. While there are hundreds of theories out there on the best time to buy said airfare—ranging from two weeks out to a full year in advance—travel search engine Skyscanner did a bit of research based on 2014 purchasing patterns and a 2,000-person survey. The news is good: Apparently, the best time to purchase all holiday travel tickets (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year's Eve etc.) is on the same day (August 10th). Read on for a breakdown of just how much you're saving by booking on the magic date.


August 10: 5.5 percent

Last Minute: Book two weeks before Thanksgiving and you'll still be saving an average of 3.8 percent.


August 10: 19 percent

Last Minute: Look to book between November 2nd-8th for to save, on average, 4.8 percent.

New Year's Eve

August 10: 15 percent

Last Minute: Buying your ticket on December 14th will still save you 6.3 percent on average

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