T+L Reports: Sail the High Seasons
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T+L Reports: Sail the High Seasons

See the world without leaving your front porch on the Four Seasons' first residential cruise
ship. The Four Seasons, set to sail in fall 2007, began selling out—sight
unseen—before an official announcement was even made. The 100 luxury apartments range
in size from 1,336 to 3,434 square feet and have seven floor plans, with three design schemes.
Along with ever-changing views, tenants will also have access to the hotel group's indulgent
amenities— spa treatments, personal chefs—as well as the services of a travel
coordinator for voyages in such ports of call as Alaska, Venezuela, even Senegal. www.oceanresidences.com;
from $400,000 for a one-month time-share for 50 years

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