T+L Reports: ¡Qué rica!
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T+L Reports: ¡Qué rica!

WHAT Guaro ("wah-ro") has been Costa Rica's spirit of choice for over 150 years.
It's got a hint of citrus with a whiff of vanilla and spice. Los Angelenos Sandi and Scott
Dinsdale sampled it on vacation and vowed to introduce the drink, derived from pure harvested
cane and produced with no additives, back home. Their 70-proof refined version, S Guaro (www.sguaro.com), has become a
hit with music and entertainment high rollers—which might have something to do with
the no-sugar, no-sulfite, no-carb formula, resulting in virtually no hangover.
HOW Guaro mixes well with everything from coconut to cranberry, making mean
martinis, mojitos, and cosmopolitans of all flavors.
GET IT NOW On the East Coast, order the mojito at Hoboken, New Jersey's Brass Rail (135 Washington St.; 201/659-7074). In L.A., try the guaro-based green-tea martini
at the Hollywood hot spot Geisha House (6633 Hollywood Blvd.; 323/460-6300).

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