Q&A: Ask a Travel Agent
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Q&A: Ask a Travel Agent

Serge Bloch

Q: Is travel
worth the
“Yes. Things can
and do go wrong.
A good policy will
set you back about
$130, but you’ll
have peace of mind
knowing you’re
protected in case
of theft, illness, or
other unfortunate
events.” —Barbara Gallay, Linden Frosch Travel

Q: What advice do you give for navigating Europe by car?
“In the past few years, many European cities have introduced new traffic-restricted
areas. Some are poorly marked, putting travelers at risk for violation tickets, so be sure to look
closely for signs.” —Andrea Sertoli, Select Italy

Q: Any potential snafus travelers should watch out for when booking flights?
“Avoid smaller start-up airlines whenever possible. While they may offer inexpensive
flights compared with larger carriers, they tend to fly fewer routes, are more likely to cancel
flights, and could even be at risk for going out of business altogether. It’s worth paying a
little more for reliability.” —Diane Embree, Michael’s Travel

Q: How can you get everyone excited about a family vacation?
“One great way to keep family members engaged is to let each person plan a day that
incorporates what they’re most interested in learning about or doing.”
Kay Merrill, Are We There Yet? Family Adventures

Q: What did you learn from your worst travel experience?
“After having my luggage stolen from the Johannesburg airport en route to a safari in
Botswana, I learned the hard way—pack light, carry on luggage, and travel in dark clothing,
just in case. White doesn't stand up well to bush walks.” —Karen Benson,
Camelback Odyssey Travel

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