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Passport Control

Nigel Cox Slim travel wallet Nigel Cox
Passport Control
Nigel Cox Slim travel wallet
Nigel Cox
Keep your papers in order with this smart travel wallet.

In an era when the romance of a foreign land is met with the mundane realities of the TSA, USDA, and other alphabet agencies, the travel wallet harks back to a more glamorous age. There’s something delightfully refined about stowing one’s papers inside a sleek case designed for seamless passage. To wit: Smythson of Bond Street’s Slim Travel Wallet, part of a collection of travel accessories from the 120-year-old British stationer. In the case of Smythson, form always chicly follows function. Sir Edmund Hillary famously toted his Smythson to the top of Mount Everest in 1953. For more everyday jaunts, the wallet’s durable leather (in several bright hues), pockets labeled Tickets and Documents, and easy slide-close clasp will help you keep your papers in order—even if you’re rushing to catch a flight.

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