T+L Reports: Park It in New York
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T+L Reports: Park It in New York

Hotel impresario Ian Schrager makes his first foray into the residential market
with 50 Gramercy Park North (50 Gramercy Park N.; 212/ 475-8500; www.50gramercyparknorth.com;
from $3,000 per square foot
). Overlooking Manhattan's only private green
space—to which owners are issued a coveted key— the newly built
18-story tower adjoins the Gramercy Park Hotel. When it is completed, in January
2006, residents will have access to a concierge staff, who can arrange for dog-sitting,
configure your TiVo, or source a rare Brunello for a dinner party. The 23 condominiums,
ranging from 1,800 to 4,500 square feet, designed with Zen- like simplicity
by architect John Pawson, have white-oak floors, cherrywood cabinets, and stainless-steel
countertops. Northern and southern exposure is provided by floor- to-ceiling
windows, along with views over the park's verdant canopy. —peter JON lindberg

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