Paris in Spring--in Shorts?
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Paris in Spring--in Shorts?

Ask Mark
Paris in the Spring, in Shorts?

By Mark Orwoll

Mark Orwoll, seasoned traveler and T&L Managing Editor, is here to help you with your travel questions. Think of him as your personal concierge, and ask away...

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Today's question:

Q. The first week of June we will be going to Paris for business with my husband. He will be working during the day and a friend and I will be touring and looking. It is my understanding that it is not proper for shorts to be worn during the day, while shopping, touring, and enjoying the country. Would you please explain the dress there. I'm not planning on bringing any jeans or tennis shoes, but nice linen shorts would be nice. Also, what is the weather like in early June?

A. Cherie, you look good in everything you wear. Why, if you dressed in rags you'd look like a princess. At least, I assume that's why you're dressed that way. Just kidding-- you're a stunner. You'd knock 'em dead in the City of Lights with your cute little shorts. "Attendez vous le Americaine," they would say admiringly as you strode down the rue Bonaparte looking in the gallery windows. "Fantastique!" they would exclaim as your bare legs shone in the sun while you slurped a fine a l'eau on the terrasse of the Café du Dome. Baby, you'd have nothing to worry about. Even so, I'm not going to recommend that you wear shorts in Paris.

Generally speaking, the fashions in the capitals of Europe don't differ dramatically from the styles of dress in the major cities in the United States. But in France, save the shorts for your country outings. Pants on women aren't all that popular with French women either. In the city, you probably will look and feel more in tune with the Parisians if you wear a dress or skirt.

When packing for Europe, probably the most important consideration is to dress appropriately for the weather. Temperatures in Paris in June usually reach no higher than about 65 degrees F. And there's always a chance of a sprinkle now and then.

The information in this story was accurate at the time it was published in May 1999, but we suggest you confirm all details and prices directly with the service establishments before making travel plans.

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