Editor's Note | October 2007
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Editor's Note | October 2007

What draws you to a place?For me, it can be something as
simple as authentic local food, like tortillas with freshly caught fish near their source; as
specific as a new European museum of contemporary art; or as exotic as the ancient
medina of a North African city. I admit that my interests could be called "all over the
map," but I embrace such diversity with pleasure, as it propels me into the world.
Each October at Travel + Leisure, we narrow our focus to destinations with a strong
element of style, whether they are tropical resorts, European cities, or international shopping
meccas. Because style and culture are natural companions, this year we also spotlight eight
capitals where art, architecture, music, and dance are taking center stage, with itineraries to
help you plan your next trip. (T+L's Global Guide to Arts and Culture). And to
ease your way to still more transcendent travel experiences, we've expanded our Best Deals to include 22 exclusive special offers for winter getaways, from Miami to Munich.

In our feature stories, we trace Christopher Petkanas's route through the colorful beach
towns near Puerto Vallarta, along Mexico's Pacific coast ("La Nueva Riviera,"),
and in dizzyingly fast-paced Moscow, we embark on an insider tour that goes far beneath
the surface, led by Muscovite-through-marriage Valerie Stivers-Isakova ("Moscow's
Moment,"). The Dallas in Tom Austin's account ("Dallas on Display,") is
not the land of J. R. and Sue Ellen; in place of the Ewings there are cutting-edge, highfashion
types, including art collectors and club-goers. Richard Alleman rounds up inviting
places to stay in Tunisia ("North Africa's New Horizons,") that offer a comfortable
way to experience this richly textured crossroads of the old world and the modern. And Gini
Alhadeff coaxes an array of intriguing trendsetters in Italy to reveal their favorite haunts,
north to south ("The Pleasures of Italy,"). A trendsetter of a different sort, Simon
Doonan—author and creative director of Barneys New York, the man behind those
brilliantly original window displays—lets us tag along on a visit with family in Brighton, the
atmospheric English seaside town ("Brighton Beach Memoir,").
The truth about style and culture is that they are there to be discovered in so many vastly
different places and in such varied incarnations. You just need to know where to look—and this
is something we delight in helping you with in every issue of T+L.

My Trip Tips

Fondation Beyeler

Masterpieces from the 20th century and tribal Africa. 101 Baselstrasse, Riehen; 41-61/645-9700; beyeler.com.

Mantua, Italy

Andrea Mantegna's La Camara degli Sposi, in the Palazzo Ducale, alone is worth the trip. 40 Piazza Sordello.

Medina of Fez

A magical ninthcentury UNESCO World Heritage site. whc.unesco.org.

Bangkok's International

Festival of Dance & Music Extraordinary performances by artists and orchestras from around the world. bangkokfestivals.com; through October 11, 2007.

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