Best New American Restaurants
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Best New American Restaurants

Best New American Restaurants

The best new American restaurants bring flavors of the wide world home.

anthos, new york Modern Greek cooking without the "Opa!" The sashimi-style meze is a must-order. 36 W. 52nd St.; 212/582-6900; dinner for two $160.

eno, chicago Pair a Pinotage with a Maharaj curry–chocolate truffle at this wine-cheese-dessert lounge. 505 N. Michigan Ave.; 312/321-8738; snacks for two $45.

lüke, new orleans A Big Easy brasserie with an Alsatian twist. Try the Louisiana rabbit pâté with duck liver. 333 St. Charles Ave.; 504/378-2840; dinner for two $60.

restaurant guy savoy, las vegas The fried truffle–and-potato sandwiches are worth the cholesterol spike at this desert outpost of a Paris legend. 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S.; 702/731-7286; dinner for two $300.

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