New Flights in Europe
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New Flights in Europe

In the past few years, Europe's low-cost airlines have been adding flights between cities that have not previously had direct links. Here, a selection of key routes on eight carriers.

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Ever since the TGV launched, in 1981, high-speed premier trains have been the preferred—and more stylish—way to shuttle between some of Europe's major hubs. Reservations are required, so plan ahead and follow this advice to lock in the best rates.

Book Early Reserve at least two weeks ahead, travel at off-peak times, and
buy nonrefundable, round-trip tickets.

Buy Online Since it's difficult to book directly with an individual train
line until you're in Europe, buy tickets through Rail Europe (800/438-7245;
Its newly revamped system now allows travelers to reserve seats on premier trains and to buy
point-to-point tickets on slower local and regional trains.

Get a Pass While Eurail passes can't be used carte blanche on premier-level
trains, they will get you big discounts on most intercity routes and are worth considering
for a trip that takes in several destinations. The passes are now available in dozens of configurations
for first-class travel on non-premier trains, from single-country options to the original
multination whopper (; $605
for a 15-day, 18-country pass). —Meeghan Truelove

Here are this spring’s new routes on eight popular low cost carriers. For more updates on additional airlines, visit where you can plug in two cities to see if they’re linked.

airBaltic (
Riga to Düsseldorf

Riga to Warsaw

Riga to Simferopol

Riga to Bergen

Riga to Baku

Riga to Tbilisi

Blue1 (
Helsinki to Budapest

Helsinki to Athens

Helsinki to Barcelona

Helsinki to Paris

Helsinki to Rome

Helsinki to Dublin

Helsinki to London

Helsinki to Nice

Helsinki to Warsaw

Helsinki to Zurich

Germanwings (
Cologne/ Bonn to Alicante

Cologne to Antalya

Cologne to Heraklion

Cologne to Jerez de la Frontera

Cologne to St. Petersburg

Cologne to Gdansk

Stuttgart to Antalya

Stuttgart to Málaga

Stuttgart Moscow

Stuttgart Nice

Stuttgart to Izmir

Berlin to Ibiza

Berlin to Izmir

Berlin to Antalya

Hamburg to Izmir

easyJet (
London to Lisbon

Paris to Lisbon

Basel to Amsterdam

Basel to Lisbon

Basel to Prague

Milan to Athens

Milan to Málaga

Milan to Paris

Berlin to Málaga

Milan to Madrid

Milan to Naples

Dortmund to Málaga

Paris to Rome

Liverpool to Kraków

Liverpool to Faro

Liverpool to Marseille

Milan to Palermo

Milan to Lisbon

Milan to Olbia (Sardinia)

Geneva to Palma

Geneva to Ibiza

Edinburgh to Alicante

Glasgow to Palma

Basel to Istanbul

Ryanair (
London to Parma

London to Brest

Dublin to Lodz

Dublin to Marseille

Dublin to Nantes

Dublin to La Rochelle

Dublin to Stuttgart

Dublin to Hamburg

Dublin to Kraków

Dublin to Poznan

Dublin to Wroclaw

Dublin to Milan

Dublin to Venice

Dublin to Gothenburg

Dublin to Malmö

Dublin to Valencia

Dublin to Salzburg

Dublin to Bratislava

Dublin to Kaunas

Dublin to Humberside

Brussels to Faro

Brussels to to Nîmes

Brussels to to Málaga

Brussels to to Salzburg

Brussels to to Valencia

Windjet (
Forlí to Moscow

Forlí to St. Petersburg

Forlí to Bucharest

Venice to Barcelona

Venice to Oslo

Palermo to Paris

Palermo to Barcelona

Catania to Paris

Catania to Barcelona

Catania to Madrid (
Amsterdam to Glasgow

Amsterdam to Valencia

Amsterdam to Pau

Amsterdam to Catania

Amsterdam to Heraklion

Amsterdam to Olbia

Amsterdam to Lamezia

Rotterdam to Toulon

Wizz Air (
Bourgas to London

Zagreb to London

Warsaw to Glasgow

Katowice to Cologne

Wroclaw to Dortmund

Hamburg to Gdansk

Gdansk to Glasgow

London to Ljubljana

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