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A more benign frontier

Set between Namibia's fabled sand dunes to the west and
Fish River Canyon to the east, Nemesis—a rock
formation outside the town of Aus—juts more than 300
feet into the sky, giving intrepid trekkers commanding
views of one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.
If a rock called Nemesis sounds forbidding, consider the
history of Aus: it was established as a post-colonial POW
camp in 1915, and more than 1,500 Germans endured
unforgiving summer days and winter nights—in tents.
Today, this final stretch of the Namib Desert is a more
benign frontier, luring travelers with its vast open spaces
and herds of wild horses. Custom itineraries in the region
can be arranged through Premier Tours (800/545-1910;; seven-day trips from $4,195 per

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