T+L Reports: Love Me, Love My Hotel

T+L Reports: Love Me, Love My Hotel

More proof that hotels are the new nightclubs: Hoteliers are the new rock stars. At least they seem to be the arm candy of choice for Hollywood stars. The trend was green-lighted when Uma Thurman entered into a post-Ethan romance with André Balazs. Here, our favorite couples—as of press time.

Uma Thurman and André Balazs
She's the muse of director Quentin Tarantino; he owns the star-studded Chateau Marmont and Standard hotels in L.A. and the Mercer in NYC.
After a well-publicized romp on St. Bart's, it looks as if the jet-set Balazs has fallen under the spell of the Kill Bill butt-kicker.

Daryl Hannah and Sean MacPherson
She co-starred as Thurman's assassin in Kill Bill; he co-owns Manhattan's Maritime Hotel, a popular stamping ground for ingenues.
Hannah is a sequel of sorts: MacPherson previously auditioned Gina Gershon for the role of girlfriend. Don't count on a happy ending.

Shannen Doherty and Jason Pomeranc
She's a veteran of Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210; he opened hot spots 60 Thompson in New York and the Sagamore in Miami Beach.
Is Pomeranc too much of a Mr. Nice Guy for notorious bad girl Doherty?The Do Not Disturb sign may not stay on the door handle for long.
—Nick Costadi

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