Letters | November 2010
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Letters | November 2010

The Pleasures of Paris

I just returned from my umpteenth trip to the City of Light, so I was curious to read “T+L’s Guide to Secret Paris” [Alexandra Marshall, September]. I agree completely with the author’s recommendation of La Mosquée, in the Fifth Arrondissement. I discovered it a few years ago and find it entirely charming on every visit. But her mention of “so-so couscous” is, at least for me and my fellow travelers, inaccurate—we had one of our most memorable meals there (and that’s saying a lot in that city). —Myra Rudin, New York, N.Y.

Drinking It All In

Bruce Schoenfeld is right about wine tours. Well-run trips are convenient, and even “experts” can learn a lot. We’ve had great experiences in Italy with La Dolce Vita Tours (dolcetours.com; five-night tours from $2,995). They also offer more balanced wine/exercise/cooking/culture tours—the kind we’re most likely to take in the future. —Art Schuetz, Henderson, Nev.

Carrying On

I read your article “How to Avoid Baggage Fees” [Andrea Bennett, September] with interest, because my personal opinion differs from the norm: I think airlines should charge for large carry-ons rather than checked baggage. I always check, and (knock on wood) have never lost luggage. Overhead bins are crammed. If I had my way, more flights would leave as scheduled, and airlines wouldn’t have to inflate their flight times to make their on-time arrivals look better (oh, yes, I’ve noticed). —Kathy Goering, Windsor, Colo.

Order of the Day

Your magazine reads a bit like a menu of travel options, and maybe that’s why Bruno Maddox’s “The Allure of Restaurant Menus” [July] appealed to me. I love menus, and am often loath to give them up (even when I want to talk to the person I’m dining with!) Sometimes I delude myself that I’ll even try cooking some of the items I didn’t get to try. Maddox hits the nail on the head when he explains why menus do, and should, “inspire us to indecision.” —Vicki Klutt, Halton Hills, Ontario

Talking Shop

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lynn Yaeger’s “Shopping for Classic Hollywood Memorabilia” [September]. As a frequent L.A. visitor and an avid memorabilia shopper (like Yaeger), I wanted to add one store to her list: Baby Jane of Hollywood, for great and campy photos, autographs, and Hollywood ephemera. —Paul J. Williams, Dallas, Tex.

Hot Topic: Heavy Baggage

Mark Orwoll’s Smart Traveler column “How to Buy Lost Luggage Bargains” (September) hit a nerve with travelers everywhere. Below, tips from T+L readers.

Do Look Now

Airlines aren’t the only reason bags go missing—keep an eye on the overhead bin where you stash your carry-on, particularly if you’re not seated near it. —Jenene Schafenacker, Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.


Scan the airport destinations on each of your luggage tags—I once had bags meant for Houston (IAH) end up in Hyannis, Massachusetts (HYA). —Harlan A. Bentzinger, Edinburg, Tex.

Picture This

While waiting in line to check bags, snap a photo of them. If they’re lost, you’ll know all the details, including type, size of bag, and color. —Mimi Bailey, Greenville, S.C.

Reader’s Find: Provence Perfect

Last September I joined a four-day wine tasting tour at La Madelène (three-day trips from $2,449 for two, all-inclusive), in the Mont Ventoux foothills near Avignon. Built in the 12th century as a Benedictine priory, it’s now a six-room oenophile’s getaway. The focus may be on wine (co-owner Philip Reddaway leads personalized tours of the region), but the property would be worth a stay even without it—beautiful meals are served in the arched chapel or on the terrace; a pool looks out to the surrounding vineyards. This November, for the first time, they’re doing a three-day truffle tour of the Rhône. Sounds magnifique to me! —Carolyn Ernst, New York, N.Y.

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T+L Asks: What’s Your No. 1 Tip for Staying Healthy on the Road?

These are just a few of the responses posted on our Facebook wall (facebook.com/TravelandLeisure) and tweeted to us (@Travland Leisure). To see more, “like” T+L on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Push-ups, sit-ups, sleep. Rinse and repeat. —Alex Nanfara, Hoboken, N.J.

I live in New York City and can’t stress this enough: hand sanitizer. —Alma Cynthia Verdejo

Since I love to explore new places, I bring my running shoes with me everywhere. I take off every morning, no matter where I am. —Kim Tate, Seattle, Wash.

We bring our own protein bars, Kashi, and Greek yogurt, if the hotel room has a fridge. Saves a lot of calories in “continental breakfasts.” —Julie Ann Dominguez, Miami

Take Wet Ones to wipe down the remote, handles, etc. in the hotel room. —Katrina Clarence Rene, Houston, Tex.

No sugar! Eat healthy! Tammy Brooks Adams

Get plenty of sleep, especially if you’ve crossed time zones. —Latonya E. Clark, Washington, D.C.

We take a spa day on the last day of each trip! Splurge on delicious local food, but burn it off with adventures around town. —Iris Borgha, Charleston, S.C.

Listen to your gut, for both good and bad. —Sandra Bybee

Walk as much as possible, and eat lots of fresh fruit/smoothies. —Bernadette Smith

Rest! We all like to see “everything,” but if you get sick you’ll miss it all. —Kari Hopkins Bullen, Longmont, Colo.

Bring Cipro.Amy Pikalow Marren

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