Letters | November 2005
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Letters | November 2005

In his August article about Israel's White City ['Re-Modernizing Tel Aviv'], Michael Z. Wise writes that some Israelis are against restoring the city's Bauhaus buildings, calling it 'a luxury that the country can ill afford.'

Israel certainly has pressing social problems, as well as high security costs from protracted
armed conflict with its neighbors, but preserving architectural gems is not a luxury. Just
think of San Francisco, where thousands of ?Victorian houses were torn down; it wasn't
until years later that residents realized these places had intrinsic value. Tel Aviv has a
lot to learn from San Francisco's experience.

Nice Going
During a recent trip through southern France, my husband and I followed the recommendation
of Christopher Petkanas ["Making Nice," May] and had dinner at Lou Pistou in Nice's Old Town.
This unassuming restaurant was a highlight for us on the Riviera. From start to finish, the
meal was excellent, but we especially enjoyed the lightly fried zucchini flowers and savory
tomato pesto. Though we spoke no French, the staff was more than hospitable. Many thanks to
Mr. Petkanas for this find.

A Spotty Dalmatia
As a Croatian living in New York City, it's exciting to see the surge of interest in my home
country, but I was disappointed with "Croat d'Azure" in your August issue. The photography
fails miserably to convey the place your author describes as "so relentlessly gorgeous it
makes your eyes ache." The images of the Dubrovnik shore are cropped in so tightly that all
you see are plastic lounge chairs. Are you sure your photographer didn't get lost somewhere
on Staten Island?

Fantasy Islands
I read with pleasure Michael Gross's article about the hidden islands of Italy [July]. He
was right on the mark. From the clear waters to the warm people to the near total absence
of tourists, Lampedusa and the Aeolian Islands off Sicily's coast are as close to paradiso
as you can get.

There's the Rub
After reading "Southern Comforts" [April], I spent a week at the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island
spa. With its sophisticated Southern elegance and casual vibe—not to mention the ocean
view from my oversized bathtub—it was bliss at the beach.

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