Just Back: Ken Burns off the Lewis and Clark Trail
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Just Back: Ken Burns off the Lewis and Clark Trail

The Lewis and Clark trail
Ken Burns

"I've spent three years retracing every step of Lewis and Clark's journey, from St. Louis to Astoria, Oregon, for a documentary about the explorers. In Monowi, the smallest town in Nebraska, Lewis and Clark with their expedition of four dozen spent the better part of a day capturing a prairie dog. They sent the animal live to the White House. My partner Dayton Duncan and I found Missouri River vistas untouched by telephone wires. As we filmed in withering heat, chiggers feasted on us. Then, at the Monowi Tavern, we feasted-- on one of the best steak dinners imaginable. The whole town, population six, was there. We felt we had discovered the backbone of the country, and I don't mean that just in terms of geography."

Lewis & Clark: "The Journey of the Corps of Discovery" is available on videotape.

Meal plan: Beef for lunch, beef for dinner, or drive 70 miles to find a salad bar.

In my pack: Backup socks, baseball mitt, a 15-star flag just like Lewis and Clark's.

Chigger Rx: Apply nail polish remover to skin; poisons them fast.

Road rule: Never retrace your route.

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