Just Back from Barbados: John Edward, psychic
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Just Back from Barbados: John Edward, psychic

Zubin Shroff
'The work I do is very energy-draining. But on Barbados I'm like a cordless phone that's been put back on its charger.'

OCCUPATION Psychic. Edward receives what he says are messages from the afterlife, which he describes at seminars, in books, and on his TV show Crossing Over, now in its final season.
HOME BASE Long Island, New York
THE CALLING It happened one day in 1985: "I came home from high school and my grandmother and my aunt were watching Guiding Light. The characters were in Barbados, and I said, 'I want to go there.'" He has been going every year since 1988. This year, he rented a property on Bottom Bay.
WHERE'S THE BEEF? A self-described "big fan of American beef" (despite mad cow disease), Edward sometimes brings hamburger with him from the States for lunchtime grilling. "But in the evening we hit the restaurants. One of the best is the Cliff [Derricks, St. James; 246/432-1922; dinner for two $166]."
DO NOT DISTURB... Most type A workaholics find it hard to fully relax on vacation—and that's without receiving messages from dead people all the time. On Barbados, Edward consciously shuts down his psychic channels to the afterlife. "I do a ton of meditation. I put the thought out there: I am turning this off. I'm not working on this trip."
...UNLESS IT'S IMPORTANT This time, Edward was in the pool when, suddenly, "my spirit guides gave me the message: Okay. You're done. I was like, I'm done? An hour later, the phone rang. It was the Universal executives calling to say the show was not going forward...and I laughed. I said, 'Guys, this isn't a sad phone call for me. I already knew it was coming.'"
NEXT UP Edward is working on a "spiritual mystery" novel called Final Beginnings.

—Bruno Maddox

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