VIDEO: How to Pack For a Weekend Getaway
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VIDEO: How to Pack For a Weekend Getaway

Prepping for a weekend away can be difficult, especially when trying to pack lightly. Follow these easy tips and become a packing pro!

This video is one episode in T+L's brand-new packing series! Be sure to follow us on YouTube for more great travel videos.

1) Prior to the trip, start collecting small items that you don’t want to forget (Chargers, sunglasses, magazines, etc.)

2) Check the weather before leaving so you can pack accordingly.

3) Plan an outfit for each activity, laying them out as you go.

4) Try to pack pieces that you can wear more than once. The best ratio: 1 pant for 2 tops.

5) Group clothing into categories and make stacks of similar items.

6) Place shoes at bottom of luggage, and place socks and undergarments inside to keep shape.

7) Pack clothing piles on top of shoes.

8) Fill in any spaces with smaller items like sunglasses, underwear, and accessories.

9) You should always keep a toiletry case stocked with the essentials—make sure you leave room at the top of the suitcase to fit it in.

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