10 Incredibly Annoying Things Travelers Do at Hotels
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10 Incredibly Annoying Things Travelers Do at Hotels

10 most annoying things on vacation
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Don't be that guy. 

It’s no secret travelers have some annoying habits; after all, they almost single-handedly support the selfie-stick business. But from bad behavior on the airplane to hosting naked photoshoots at popular landmarks, pesky tourists are the last things you want to deal with when you get to your hotel.

So what are those quirky, (and sometimes downright rude) behaviors that make your fellow travelers cringe? According to a recent study by Expedia, the top hotel etiquette faux pas is letting your kids run wild (inattentive parents take note) followed by, in close second, that rowdy crowd that parties, and consequently stumbles, through the hallways at 3 a.m. Other offenders include guests that berate hotel staff over minor problems, noisy neighbors and couples who may go a little too far with their PDA.

See the full list of violations, below:

1. Inattentive Parents – 67%
2. The Hallway Hellraisers – 64%
3. The Complainers – 54%
4. The In-Room Revelers (noisemakers nearby) – 52%
5. The Bickerers – 26%
6. The Poolside Partiers – 22%
7. The Loudly Amorous (indiscreet lovemakers) – 21%
8. The Hot Tub Canoodlers (amorous couples in a public hot tub) – 20%
9. The Business Bar Boozer (sloshed business travelers) – 12%
10. The Elevator Chatterbox – 6%

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