Hot Tips: The Mom-Mobile
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Hot Tips: The Mom-Mobile

Which family car is both safe and smartly designed?This is the question that drives Kristin
Varela, a mother of two who writes automotive reviews from a mom's perspective. Varela devotes
two weeks to testing every vehicle she covers, posting her sharp, peppy assessments on her
Web site, T+L Family joined Varela for a ride to find out what
to look for in the family wheels.

Best Family Drive 2005
"The Chrysler Pacifica [; from $25,345]. It's safe, gets great
mileage for an SUV, and has minivan-like seating—though rear visibility is poor, so
spring for the backup detection system. Second choice is the Volvo XC90 [;
from $35,640
]. My kids love the pop-up boosters, headphone outlets, and toy container.
The Toyota Sienna [; from $23,425]— a minivan with rear
windows that actually roll down and built-in sunshades—is another favorite."

Buyer's Checklist
"A car should have low step-in height for women and children, an adjustable steering wheel
and foot pedals, a third row that unfolds with ease, simple LATCH connectors for child seats
(not ones hidden in the seat crack), and rear climate controls so kids can cool down or warm
up in a flash."

Down the Road
"I'd like to see sliding doors on all cars (they're so much easier in tight parking situations),
seat-side refrigerators, and a built-in vacuum to get rid of all those kids' crumbs." —INTERVIEWED

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