Greyhound Expands Service Into Mexico and Celebrates with $1 Fares
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Greyhound Expands Service Into Mexico and Celebrates with $1 Fares

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Greyhound announced today that they will be extending bus service to two new locations in Mexico: Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. There will be more than 23 departures heading to this destination every week, connecting travelers to major hubs in Texas. The bus service currently has a network of more than 3,800 destinations across the United States.

In addition to the new city access, the launch also feature two new private terminals and a new fleet of buses with free on-board Wi-Fi. To celebrate the new additions, the travel service will offer fares at $1 or 25 pesos on a number of seats for the first two weeks of operation. For more information on how to book your ticket, visit the Greyhound website.

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