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UFO Festival in Roswell | T+L Family

Roswell, New Mexico's annual UFO festival is undeniably out of this world

When you have kids who range in age from seven to 16, it's hard to pick a destination that
pleases everyone. But there is one place that captures the interest of each earthling with
whom I live: the UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico. Held every July to commemorate the day
in 1947 when aliens, ahem, touched down near this middle-of-nowhere town, the weekend extravaganza
attracts more than 20,000 of the paranormally attuned. Visitors wander the streets wearing
green face paint, foil gloves, and coil-spring antennae. The action revolves around the International
UFO Museum, which is packed with artifacts detailing the landing (and alleged subsequent government
"cover-up"), including photos of spaceships and an operating room from the 1995 television
movie The Roswell Incident. "The bomb attracted the aliens," says our guide, Shoe
(no last name), stating the widely held belief that Roswell's proximity to the Trinity Site,
the 1945 testing ground for the first atomic bomb, was the intergalactic draw. There are talks
by sci-fi authors, former astronauts, and those who have communicated with extraterrestrials—or
played one on TV.

The stores on Main Street peddle martian slime, lollipops on glow sticks, and T-shirts, popular
among teens, that read i hear voices and they don't like you. In
fact, it's the teens who seem most in tune with the zeitgeist of the gathering. Here's their
chance to obsess freely about the possibility of alien life-forms—other than their parents,
of course.

This year's festival in Roswell—a three-hour drive southeast of Albuquerque—runs
from June 30 to July 3. See www.roswell2006.com
for details and lodging options. Hotels get booked early, so consider camping or going by

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