FIT’s Edgy Japanese Fashion Exhibit
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FIT’s Edgy Japanese Fashion Exhibit

©HANGRY&ANGRY 2009 Project/Courtesy of S-inc.

Japanese fashion conjures up images of avant-garde creations by Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, and Yohji Yamamoto: dark-as-night dresses, trousers, and jackets with holes, pleats, and buttons in unexpected places; plus the street style of Harajuku Lolitas, biker-chic delinquents, and everything in between. “Japan Fashion Now” (Sept. 17–Jan. 8;, opening this month at New York City’s Museum at FIT, surveys the work of those designers and explores the next generation. This show gives people a sense of the diversity and creativity of Japanese fashion and its global influence, says FIT curator Valerie Steele. —Leslie Camhi

Valerie Steele’s Favorite Stylish Tokyo Haunts

F.I.L. Tokyo: “Perfect interpretations of American classics—blue jeans, moccasins, sandals—with a Japanese twist. How can you covet moccasins? Here, you do.”

Dog: “A mishmash of vintage designers including Thierry Mugler and unknown labels. I bought a pony-skin handbag with long, black, hairy trim by Who What?”

H. Naoto Laforet Harajuku: “The best goth-punk ensembles for Harajuku Lolitas.” —Lynn Yaeger

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