T+L Reports: Faith in Fashion
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T+L Reports: Faith in Fashion

Since Pope Benedict XVI's installation, Italian trendsetters seem to have turned
to the Vatican for style tips. Roman dandies have discovered the pope's personal
tailor, Annibale Gammarelli (34 Via Santa Chiara, Rome; 39-06/ 6880-1314),
for knee-length socks in cardinal red or bishop purple, while rumor has it a
few big-name designers have been scooping up the store's clerical brocade and
pure-silk damask by the meter. The ecclesiastical clothing shop Ghezzi (32–33 Via de' Cestari, Rome; 39-06/686-9744) carries a fetching array
of clerical cuff links and priests' rings. In image-obsessed Milan, the new
pontiff has even inspired the latest trend: the rosaries and priestly turtleneck
sweaters carried by Confexclero (6 Via Larga, Milan; 39-02/8646-3750).
Also being coveted: lace-edged nylon slip dresses designed for nuns. But the
real question is, where did he get that adorable hat?—valerie waterhouse

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