T+L Reports: Going Raw
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T+L Reports: Going Raw

Raw cuisine may be the ultimate slow food: making "bread" by dehydrating nuts and grains can take up to three days. Devotees insist that the health benefits of raw food are worth the effort at these four restaurants from New York to California, where nothing is heated above 98 degrees.
—Lucie Young

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Place

New York City


THE DISH Matthew Kenny's truffled-squash pasta takes four days to prepare

CELEB FANS Natalie Portman, Mike Piazza, and Jimmy Fallon

OWNER'S CLAIM "Since I went raw, I've never slept better" says Sarma Melngailis

In the Raw
65 Tinker St.

Woodstock, N.Y.


THE DISH Don't miss Barbara Banfield's flourless and frosted lemon-coconut cake

CELEB FANS Meg Ryan, Liv Tyler, and Shalom Harlow

OWNER'S CLAIM "My moods are more level, and I look better than ever before," assures Banfield

Go Raw Café & Juice Bar
2381 E. Windmill Lane

Las Vegas


THE DISH The sushi with "rice" made of yams is the talk of the town

CELEB FANS Moby, Erykah Badu (and stars who order up to their hotel rooms)

OWNER'S CLAIM "You'll lose weight, and have more energy and mental clarity," says owner Lu V

Juliano's Raw
609 Broadway

Santa Monica


THE DISH The signature concoction: a vegan rendition of a cheese-burger and fries

CELEB FANS Madonna, Prince, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even Steve Jobs

OWNER'S CLAIM "It's the Fountain of Youth—it works better than sex," says chef Juliano Brotman

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