Digital Travel News: Resources for the Road

Digital Travel News: Resources for the Road

Courtesy of travelteq
Courtesy of travelteq
The latest on-the-go digital travel innovations.

The Point Inside App (free; iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Android) maps every major U.S. airport—and, thanks to GPS functionality, it helps you navigate (“where’s the closest restroom to my gate?”) once you’re there.

The noise-isolating Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones ($300, have a dedicated wire that lets you seamlessly take calls on your iPhone.

Rosetta Stone’s TOTALe Version 4 course (from $249,, which comes with a mic and headset for online conversations with native speakers, makes learning a language interactive. has added a layer of personalization to online searches: the new “Liked Results” feature narrows your findings (hotels, restaurants, and more) by showing you which ones your friends “like” on Facebook.

The aluminum Travelteq Trip carry-on suitcase ($800, has dedicated places for your gadgets, a USB charger, and legs that fold out so the bag doubles as a seat.

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