Competitive Airline Routes
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Competitive Airline Routes

While it’s true that U.S. airlines have been cutting schedules in
recent months, certain routes have seen an uptick in service, which often
results in better fares. Here’s a look at the U.S. routes with the
greatest increases and biggest decreases in departures during the past

Top five routes with increased departures*

New York JFK–Charlotte: up 57.3%

New York JFK–Washington Reagan: up 40.6%

New York JFK–Washingon Dulles: up 22.7%

Denver–San Francisco: up 22.5% Minneapolis Seattle: up 20.6%

Top five routes with decreased departures

Washingon Dulles–Houston: down 65.4%

New York La Guardia–Cincinnati: down 46.5%

New York La Guardia–Charlotte: down 42.7%

Cleveland–Washington Dulles: down 39.9%

Detroit–Cleveland: down 38.6%

*Figures reflect the average percentage change in departures from March 2008
to February 2009 among routes with more than 20 weekly departing flights in the
continental U.S. Source: O.A.G.

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