Business Travelers Speak
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Business Travelers Speak

The results from our business travel survey

Who are you?
If you're the average business traveler, you . . .
• Travel 17 weeks a year
• Are away six days on each trip
• Have joined four frequent-flier programs

Where did you go in the past 12 months?
1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Chicago

Who makes the best suitcase?
1. Samsonite
2. Tumi
3. Hartmann
4. American Tourister
5. (tie) Delsey and Travel Pro
Many still haven't found it. . . .

Only 56 percent of you take along a laptop

Which airline caters best to business travelers?
1. United
2. Delta
3. American
4. Continental
5. US Airways

36 percent are entitled to fly business class; 29 percent try to get upgraded (and succeed 60 percent of the time)

How do you pass the time on planes?
1. Read
2. Sleep
3. Listen to music
4. Work on a laptop
5. Watch a movie

And in airports?
1. Read
2. Make phone calls
3. Hang out at airport clubs
4. People-watch
5. Shop

89 percent of you piggyback pleasure trips onto business trips. And 91 percent at least try to squeeze in a little sightseeing

What's your main criterion for selecting a hotel?
1. Location
2. Overall quality
3. Price
4. Company decides
5. Frequent-guest program

What's the best chain for business travelers?
1. Marriott
2. Hilton
3. Hyatt
4. Four Seasons
5. (tie) Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton

91 percent of you eat at the hotel restaurant (but just 59 percent use the gym)

What do you want a room to have (that it sometimes doesn't)?
1. Coffeemaker
2. Modem jack
3. Ironing board
4. Multiple phones
5. Fax machine
6. Jacuzzi
7. Good lighting
8. Hair dryer
9. VCR
10. Refrigerator

Only 53 percent of you admit to ever getting lonely while away on business. (One respondent insisted, "Whoever says he doesn't is lying!")

What's your dream convention location?
1. Hawaii
2. San Francisco
3. Las Vegas
4. Paris
5. New York

21 percent have had a romantic relationship while at a convention. "More than once!" said one reader, while several pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

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